SELECTED scrub for the bust and neckline 200ml

This fine-grain scrub made from ground elderberry seeds delicately exfoliates the surface layers of the skin. It provides the skin with valuable vitamins, fruit acids and fatty acids. Its foundation consists of handmade potassium soap containing unrefined oils and butters composed in such a way to immediately bring relief to dry and tense skin. The treatment improves the skin’s condition and appearance. The skin is rejuvenated, its elasticity, firmness and tautness is  enhanced, while minor wrinkles and discolourations are removed. The skin becomes smooth, firm and well hydrated. 

The formula has been enriched with a mixture of 3 high-quality medicinal essential oils. In addition to the sophisticated fragrance, the composition has been created to have the most beneficial influence on the skin of the neck, neckline and breasts possible, as well as having a positive effect on our minds and emotions. Among its various ingredients, this composition contains basil oil, which medieval herbariums considered to be “worthy of a royal house”. Its main purpose is taking care of the skin of the neckline and breasts – it has exceptional firming properties, as well as improving blood and lymph circulation, having anti-edemic qualities and helping to alleviate PMS symptoms.


Active substances: HONEY, BLACK LILAC, BASIL