SELECTED restore night cream 50ml

A soft velvety cream providing intense and long-term moisturising of the skin, making it smooth, bright, firm and supple.


Composed to bring relief and aid the skin’s regenerative processes after coming into contact with environmental contaminants. It reduces fine lines, makes deep wrinkles less visible and aids the skin in regenerative processes.



helichrysum floral water, indian fig seed oil, wild rose oil, wheat germ oil, vegetable emulsifier*, extracts: matcha green tea, camomille, bluebottel flowers, damiana leaf, horsetail, gotu kola, cistus, ivy, aloe vera, milk thistle, ginkgo bilboa, ginseng, barley, white willow, liquorice, eco-preservatives*, helichrysum flower oil, 24K gold powder

* ECOCERT and COSMOS certified

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