SELECTED day shield cream 50ml

Noble 24-carat gold and specially selected plant-based oils with the addition of hydrolates and antioxidant plant extracts form a nutritious composition which work to make the skin smooth, refreshed and firm. The cream has anti-ageing effects, making wrinkles less visible and restoring the skin by aiding natural regeneration processes.


A deeply moisturising protective cream, perfect for skin regeneration, making the skin tight and smooth. Ideal for daily skin care in an increasingly polluted environment The skin becomes less susceptible to the influence of free radicals and early ageing symptoms.



helichrysum floral water, hamamelin floral water, emulsifier*, plum oil, olive oil butter, plant glycerin, shea butter, raspberry seed oil, sunflower oil, cistus, ivy, aloe vera, milk thistle, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, barley, white willow, liquorice, eco-preservatives*, vitamin A, C, E, geranium oil, sage oil, helichrysum oil, rosa damascena oil, 24K gold powder.

* ECOCERT and COSMOS certified

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