Salt tangerine + grapefruit peel scrub with yellow clay 250ml

This is a Dead Sea salt based peel which cleanses, tightens and removes dead skin, making it easier for the absorption of nutrients. Thanks to the presence of apricot pit oil, it improves the complexion, acts as an anti-aging agent and treats skin discoloration. It works as an antiseptic, assists in the granulation and regeneration of the skin, making it the perfect butter for damaged, dry and scaly skin.


Essential grapefruit and tangerine oils have aroma therapeutic properties and increase concentration. Grapefruit oil cleanses and promotes healthy sebaceous glands, kills bacteria and is bacteriostatic. It protects hair follicles from developing keratosis pilaris and blackheads. It naturally lightens skin tones. It protects from stretch marks and cellulite. The effects are attributed to the properties of the ingredients.

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