Salt chocolate + mint peel scrub with Moroccan clay „Ghassoul” 250ml

This sugar and Dead Sea salt peel removes dead skin while cleansing and tightening healthy skin. It also helps in the absorption of nutrients. Its base consists of three deeply moisturizing and regenerating plant butters. Arabica coffee butter promotes skin regeneration, increases elasticity, minimizes wrinkles, tightens and prevents aging. It also assists in toxin removal and stimulates microcirculation.


The Polyphenol contained within the cocoa butter decreases inflammatory states and works as an antioxidant, which in turn decreases damage and reinforces cellular regenerative processes. Peppermint oil adds a refreshing scent and cools and soothes the skin. It has pain-alleviating properties and works as an antipruritic and a disinfectant. Its effects are a result of the ingredients’ properties.

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