Hair acidifier 100ml

This is vinegar from Polish apples enriched with a mix of wild herbs and a special selection of essential oils. When used after washing hair, it allows for the complete removal of soap / shampoo residues as well as magnesium or calcium salts from hard water; it strengthens hair bulbs, prevents excessive greasiness and hair loss, maintaining the correct pH of the skin. The hair glows and can be easily combed out.



Before use, shake the bottle several times.

After washing spray onto head skin and onto the entire length of the hair, gently massage into hair and skin. Does not require rinsing. The scent of vinegar will fade after the hair dries off.




apple vinegar; water; herbs: nettle, sage, dandelion; flowers: chamomile, calendula, lavender; essential oils: rosemary, lavender, roman chamomile.