Cream for complexion with damaged capillaries 30ml

This is a delicate cream which, thanks to its unique light form, is indispensible for very sensitive skin care. Its many rich active ingredients immediately soothe irritated skin and alleviate redness. The skin becomes exceptionally fresh, smooth and perfectly hydrated. 


The hydrolate in the Linden blossom contains many flavonoids, carbolic acids, essential oils, mineral salts, screening mucus, vitamin C and PP, anthocyanin, phenolic acids and organic acids, acting as a strong soothing agent, alleviating signs of irritation, refreshing and gently hydrating the skin, improving the condition of capillaries and lessening redness. It works well against inflammation, and supports the healing of eczema and minor skin damage. It eliminates itching and burning of the skin so it can also be used for tanning, depilation and shaving.